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Zone-L Insrumental
Singer Rapper Songwriter Producer Actor


MPiece a known Producer, Rapper, Singer and Songwriter, is originally
from Lagos, an Afro-German, who grew up in South West London(GB).

As a child growing up, MPiece was mostly influenced by groups like "New Edition",
"Grandmaster Flash", "Curtis Blow", "Keith Sweat", "Musical Youth",to mention a
few. At a very tender age he founded the group "Classics" alongside with two other
members, which was the beginning of his musical career.

Soon afterwards MPiece moved to the States to pursue his education with music
still on his mind!He did a lot of studio sessions working alongside famous artists in
the likes of Prince, 2 Low 4 Zero, Racquet etc. In the States he founded the group
"L-Zone", which stands for Lagos-Zone and also a special style of singing, which
was called the "LZ Passi".

Afterwards MPiece went back to London where he fully concentrated on the group
L-Zone. Still in the search of a Label the group did a lot of concerts on festive
periods and clubs! On this occasion L-Zone met Chris Flanger who invited them
to Germany to work with him on a project!

During a session "Get Down On It" was recorded, which was then signed on to the
Label BMG Hansa as "Chill Out feat. L-Zone". The Maxi CD "Get Down On It" was
released on February 1999 with a video concept which enjoyed airplays and hit
the Jam FM top 40! The group also had a couple of TV shows on "Giga" (NBC) and
"Chartattack" (ZDF). "Hand in hand" took over the exclusive booking and over 120
shows followed alongside other top artists like "Nsync", "East17", "4 the Cause",
"2-4-family", "Oli P.", "Sasha" and many more.

MPiece is currently living (thanks to technology) between Germany, France and the
UK where he is working on his solo project and at the same time played in his first
major movie "And The Kolanut Said No" in which he is the main actor.

Since 4th of April 2009 the new album "Heavy In Da Game" is available for
digital download. The album release date has been changed to winter 2010.

Past, Present and Future


At a very tender age I founded my first group "Classics" and since then music was
me and I was music. It was something I knew I couldn`t let go because I realized
then this was a gift. At that early stage of my life I already worked with household
names in the business, which was the beginning of my musical career and the
experiences that lives with me today.


Presently I am songwriting, rapping, singing, producing and acting. Acting is a
newly found talent which i didn`t even know I had. My first major film which I
stared in "And The Kolanut Said No" is a Cultural-German-African Clashmovie,
which tells a tale of an African in a foreign culture which was premiered in the
"Kommunales Kino Freiburg".


What does the future hold? After all said and done the future justifies the past and
the present. MPiece like you all know now is not a new name in the entertainment
industry - a history in the making. In the future I will be working with a bunch of
talented people and famous artists, easily said I`ll be featuring, producing and
working with newly discovered talents. The greatest achievement I would want to
attain is for people to know, accept and respect my works for eternity. With this
words I will be signing out, but not before a big thanks to my fans and everybody
who is supporting this vision.